We’re happy to have you join our community and would like to offer some resources to help ensure your business continuity and safety is operating at its highest.


  1. Crash Plan

    1. Whether you are a large or small operations your data is Important! Back it up in the easiest way possible.
  2. Business Continuity Plan

    1. You can’t be ready for every disaster but you can put in place a good plan to guide your organization and it’s members to be able to continue operations
  3. Fire Suppression systems and Fire extinguisher training

    1. Hawkeye Fire – Fire Sprinkler Systems and equipment
    2. Iowa Fire Equipment Company – Fire Sprinkler Systems and equipment
    3. Ahern Fire Protection – Fire Sprinkler Systems
    4. Johnson Controls, Inc. – Fire Alarm Systems
    5. Iowa Fire Protection – Fire Sprinkler Systems
  4. Key Lock Box (Knox Box)

    1. Swisher – Ch.37 pg 61
    2. Shueyville – Ordinance 103
    3. Johnson County
  5. CPR and AED Certification

  6. Evacuation Plan

  7. Business Emergency Notification Form

    In order to better serve and protect your business property we ask that you take the time to fill out this Business Emergency Notification Form and return it to the Sheriff’s Office.