As a Department we have to adhere to the Iowa Governor and CDC recommendations of best practices. Currently we do not allow none member or non-first repsonders on site to minimize exposure risk from us to you and from you to us. Currenlty the department is not open to the public or guests that are not part of an agency.
We will open again in the near future while maintaining both a mask requirement and social distancing to ensure continuity of protection for our district.

With this said we will continue to be responding to all calls for service but will have additional PPE on our faces or bodies and will only be sending 1 to 2 total members internally to minimize exposures from us to you and from you to us. Please be patient with these changes and continue to wear your masks to protect those around you!

The true reason large events are being canceled due to the risk of Coronavirus (COVID#19):

News of the Coronavirus has been impossible to avoid. It’s all over local and cable news networks, radio, social media, and internet. You have probably had discussions about the coronavirus with family, friends, coworkers even your children. You have also likely seen major headlines about large events being canceled across the country. The NCAA, NBA, MLB have all canceled or postponed events in an effort to help slow the spread of the virus.

Many feel that these cancelations are overreactions because they have heard that the coronavirus is only moderately more dangerous than the common flu. In reality, these cancelations have more to do with controlling the spread of the virus and minimizing the impact on our healthcare system. We have a limited capacity to deal with large numbers of sick people all at once. So if we can delay and/or limit the spread of the virus, that allows our healthcare facilities and professionals to better help people. While these cancelations can be an inconvenience, they are not an overreaction.

We all have a role to play in keeping our community safe. Remember to wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your face, stay home if you begin to feel sick, and avoid large crowds if at all possible.

Additional Coronavirus Related News:

CDC Guidance for Schools, Workplaces & Community Locations