We spend a large amount of time reviewing our tools and trucks to make sure we have them setup for our district’s response needs. We comb over as many scenarios as we can to find ways to improve responses. Last year we began a process to create a Johnson’s County based alliance to educate and train with multiple agencies for water delivery. The organization that came out to help coordinate our training was Gotbigwater (http://gotbigwater.com.) they took notice and featured one of our main water supply trucks in their May issue; Truck 143. Click below for more.


National EMS Week

We have a phenomenal number of EMT only and combination EMT/ Firefighters that are trained and ready to help. We want to thank them for their hours and dedication!

What does it take to become an EMT/EMR?

  • Certification class
  • Classroom and book study
  • Protocol memorization
  • Practical skills performance
  • Time with an ambulance service or ER
  • Yearly continuing education hours

We want to thank the Johnson County OHV group for coming out to our business meeting to inform us of their direction and intentions as they pursue establishing an organization and ordinance to further OHV usage through more of the county.

If you would like to learn more about their goals and propositions please visit their Facebook page. https://m.facebook.com/jocoiaohv/

International Firefighter Day

Saint Florian the patron Saint of Firefighters watches over us as we monitor the safety within our Districts.

Today is International Firefighter day where we take some time out of the year to say thank you to the Professional Firefighters; career or volunteer.

At JMFD we love your cards and letters. Tell us your favorite thing about your home town and what you are doing to keep your household safe.

You can mail your cards or letters to:

Jefferson-Monroe Fire Dept.
PO BOX 246
Swisher, IA 52338


Email JMFD@southslope.net


Every business meeting we as a fire department get together and share a meal. This is an opportunity to catch up, take a pulse as an organization and just relax for an hour a month. When a wonderful group, such as the Willows of Swisher, come in and cook and clean it is such a blessing to not have to worry about prep, cook and cleaning as well. Thank you!

If you or any group you know would like to support the fire department through meals or meal prep please contact us at 319.857.4343 or jmfd@southslope.net

Members/Probationary/Cadets/Auxiliary please attend.

  • 6:00 pm Arrival
    • Truck Checks
    • SCBA Checks
    • Clean/Inspect Building
  • 7:00 pm Dinner Provided
  • 7:30 pm Business Meeting upstairs
    • The public need to contact 319-857-4343 Prior to attending to get on the Agenda