The JMFD is currently accepting applications for all Fire, EMS, and Auxiliary members.  No experience is necessary.  Training and equipment are provided.

  • Firefighter duties includes
    • Structural fire response
    • Accident scene response
    • Hazmat response
    • Assisting medical response
    • Station and equipment maintenance


  • EMS only volunteers
    • Rehab at structural fires
    • Medical response
    • Accident scene response
    • Station and equipment maintenance


  • Auxiliary volunteers
    • Administrative tasks
    • Any duties to assist in fire department operations


Questions please call (319)857-4343 or fill out the application listed below.



When it gets chilly outside we all want to go inside and cozy up near the fireplace, however please keep these tips in mind when using fireplaces or wood stoves:

  • Do not use flammable liquids to start or accelerate any fire
  • Don’t leave the fire unattended
  • Keep children and pets a safe distance away
  • Have the chimney inspected annually and cleaned if necessary, especially if it has not been used in a while
  • Keep a glass or metal screen in front of the opening 0f the fireplace