Every business meeting, we as a fire department, get together and share a meal. This is an opportunity to catch up, take a pulse as an organization and just relax for an hour a month. When a wonderful group, such as the local Monroe Hustlers 4H club, come in and cook and clean it is such a blessing to not have to worry about prep, cook and cleaning as well. Thank you!

We at the Jefferson Monroe Fire Department are looking for some support from those around us. One of our past member’s son in law recently suffered from a major stroke. His name is Kristian Leitzen. His wife and 2 kids (age 2 and 4) were looking to celebrate the oldest’s birthday this weekend. Instead they are making changes to their plans.

We are asking the community to send cards of support to:

Leitzen Family care of D’Lynn and Todd

1218 Winchester Circle NE

Swisher Iowa 52338.

Additionally you can support the immense burden this event is through their GOFUNDME page located here.

GOFUNDME for Kristian

We don’t ask this often or lightly. Please help if you can!


Anytime the call goes out we are happy to respond. Solon made an astute identification of the fire load and equipment demand.

Swisher had just returned from its 3rd call of the day for a vehicle entrapment on one of our busy highways. We were resetting up trucks for next call when the radio traffic began.

All agencies were able to get on scene quickly, as dispatched, and provide fast fire suppression.

An initial interior attack was later called back out as there was partial collapse. Then quickly switching to large water from NL quint 114. Which allowed teams to go back in to search all remaining void spaces.

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We have such a wonderful community that supports us. We have been looking for new tooling to help be able to handle the large trucks that pass through our district on F12 and 380 every minute.

The Swisher Men’s Club stepped up in a very big way to help cover 50% of a new airbag system that will help our stabilization and lifting abilities to get at those in need.

The JMFD is currently accepting applications for all Fire, EMS, and Auxiliary members.  No experience is necessary.  Training and equipment are provided.

  • Firefighter duties includes
    • Structural fire response
    • Accident scene response
    • Hazmat response
    • Assisting medical response
    • Station and equipment maintenance


  • EMS only volunteers
    • Rehab at structural fires
    • Medical response
    • Accident scene response
    • Station and equipment maintenance


  • Auxiliary volunteers
    • Administrative tasks
    • Any duties to assist in fire department operations


Questions please call (319)857-4343 or fill out the application listed below.



At Jefferson Monroe Fire we have some of the most dedicated members. Those that have served in many positions over many years. We want to thank those members for their continuation, commitment and drive to improve this department and their community.

After receiving their awards they were interrupted with a medical call in the early AM and provided the top most care.

Eugene P. Beard 40 years of service

Brian Marak 25 years of service

Glen Heims 25 years of service

Eugene P. Beard 40 years of service