The JMFD is currently accepting applications for all Fire, EMS, and Auxiliary members.  No experience is necessary.  Training and equipment are provided.

  • Firefighter duties includes
    • Structural fire response
    • Accident scene response
    • Hazmat response
    • Assisting medical response
    • Station and equipment maintenance


  • EMS only volunteers
    • Rehab at structural fires
    • Medical response
    • Accident scene response
    • Station and equipment maintenance


  • Auxiliary volunteers
    • Administrative tasks
    • Any duties to assist in fire department operations


Questions please call (319)857-4343 or fill out the application listed below.



At Jefferson Monroe Fire we have some of the most dedicated members. Those that have served in many positions over many years. We want to thank those members for their continuation, commitment and drive to improve this department and their community.

After receiving their awards they were interrupted with a medical call in the early AM and provided the top most care.

Eugene P. Beard 40 years of service

Brian Marak 25 years of service

Glen Heims 25 years of service

Eugene P. Beard 40 years of service

Happy New Year


2018 has been another great year at the Jefferson Monroe Fire Department! As we begin 2019 and look at our growing communities we are excited of what the future brings.


We want to thank you, the community for your support.

We want to especially thank the dedication and continued advancements of our volunteer members.


Help us make this a great year! Join us as we further prepare!

Whether Man or Beast we at JMFD have the equipment to come get you out of a frigid situation.

How long can person last in cold water?

As the temperature remains below freezing more and more ice will be forming over waterways. Since the weather has been rising above freezing daily this ice will not sustain your weight. So please refrain from testing this ice with your person. Use a stone or pointed stick to test prior entering the ice.


Learn more about hypothermia and how to last longer in cold water.