A Neighbor in Need!

Around this time of year there is so much going on….
Now imagine your house, your home, your memories have all gone up in flames.

Our members today responded to assist North Liberty with a house fire.

We are putting out an APB asking for members of our community to help in the hour of need for Martha Liddell.

Martha just lost everything today due to the high winds pushing the flames through her house at a record setting pace.

Hills bank has setup places of donation at ANY OF THEIR FACILITIES!!

Below are a few locations with driving direction links.

or visit https://www.hillsbank.com  to find a location nearest you

You can also call Hills bank with questions 800-445-5725

We ask that on your drive home or into town to stop by any of the following locations and walk up to a teller and say “I’d like contribute to Martha Liddell’s fund.

Cedar Rapids Blairs Ferry Rd
3905 Blairs Ferry Rd NE
Cedar Rapids IA, 52402

Cedar Rapids Downtown
240 3rd Ave SE
Cedar Rapids IA, 52401

Cedar Rapids Williams Blvd SW
3610 Williams Blvd SW
Cedar Rapids IA, 52404

3204 7th Ave
Marion IA, 52302

North Liberty Zeller
25 Hwy 965 N
North Liberty IA, 52317