We live in such an amazing community! All of you responded with everything that you have and the family says ” we have more clothes and toiletries then were ever in the house”. They want to thank all of you! They couldn’t imagine going through this without the support of those around them. They are staying at a local hotel at this time as they begin the recovery process.

You can still donate to their GoFundMe page to support the continual financial burden of being displaced while they recover from the fire damage.

On an additional note the fire department was able to rescue and prevent the loss of several artifacts in the house. One of them was a teapot with DisneyLand passes inside. Prior to the fire the family had planned a trip to Disneyland in the coming months and now they can leave the chaos knowing their community is watching out for them.

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Happy New Year

2017 has been another great year at the Jefferson Monroe Fire Department! As we begin 2018 and look at our growing communities we are excited of what the future brings. There will many opportunities for our communities to move forward on new methods and further safety precautions that will better protect all who live in our areas.


We want to thank you the community for your support.

We want to especially thank the dedication and continued advancements of our volunteer members.


Help us make this a great year! Join us as we further prepare!


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We want to wish you a Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to all!

Check out this phenomenal dessert recipe that one of our members and his family enjoy

Recipe Spotlight – Bruce Sexton – Holiday Bread Pudding

Prep Time: 20 Min   Cook Time: 45 Min


  • 16 slices bread, cubed
  • 1 cup dried cranberries or raisins
  • 2 cans (12 fl. oz. each) Evaporated Milk

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Around this time of year there is so much going on….
Now imagine your house, your home, your memories have all gone up in flames.

Our members today responded to assist North Liberty with a house fire.

We are putting out an APB asking for members of our community to help in the hour of need for Martha Liddell.

Martha just lost everything today due to the high winds pushing the flames through her house at a record setting pace.

Hills bank has setup places of donation at ANY OF THEIR FACILITIES!!

Below are a few locations with driving direction links.

or visit  to find a location nearest you

You can also call Hills bank with questions 800-445-5725

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As the temperature remains below freezing more and more ice will be forming over waterways. Since the weather has been rising above freezing daily this ice will not sustain your weight. So please refrain from testing this ice with your person. Use a stone or pointed stick to test prior entering the ice.

Whether Man or Beast we at JMFD have the equipment to come get you out of a frigid situation.

Learn more about hypothermia and how to last longer in cold water.

How long can person last in cold water?

We want to thank all of you that came out to enjoy the festivities in downtown swisher. Santa and Mrs. Claus found time to land  their sleigh at our station and we were able to give them a ride on our Engine 141.

Santa met many good girls and boys and says everyone can look forward to when he returns later this month!

Check out the fun here!








We wish you Good Luck on your final preparations and certification test on the 29th!

We are Proud of the Members of JMFD and their continuous achievements and hunger for improved safety and response to our community

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Wondering what to do after thanksgiving with all that left over turkey?


Recipe Spotlight – Jack Freel – Turkey Tortilla Soup

Prep Time: 30 Min     Cook Time: 20 min
Keep Heated (Crockpot)


  • 2 Cups Diced or Shredded Turkey
  • 2 tsp Vegetable Oil
  • 1/4 cup Chopped Onions
  • (1) 2oz Canned Diced Green Chilies

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On this day we would like to thank those whom have dedicated their lives and time to the service of this great country. We here at JMFD are grateful and honored to be standing shoulder to shoulder with some of those whom have served. Whether in blue, green, white or red you are our brothers, sisters, neighbors and friends.

Thank you veterans!

We here at Jefferson Monroe Fire Department would like to extend our warmest of welcomes to Brian Platz with his new appointment as Chief of the North Liberty Fire Department.

We look forward to the support and insights both NLFD and Brian will continue for our adjoined communities