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Jefferson Monroe Fire Department Hosted Day 1 of a 2 Day Multi-Department Training. The first of its kind for deploying large water to all areas of Northern Johnson County. We want to thank those departments and staff that dedicated their weekend to ensure we are maximizing operations when supporting fire fighting efforts.

  • Coralville
  • Fairfax
  • Jefferson Monroe (Swisher)
  • North Liberty
  • Solon
  • Stanley
  • Mount Vernon

The information shared is about techniques that can be deployed to help Rural Iowa and districts with little to no public access to water. These departments combined oversee over 500,000+ acres, with heavy residential, industrial, commercial, agriculture and wildlife. We want to ensure we have a plan to deploy the fastest water possible to the remotest of locations.


We ask You as Community members to continue to contact your local governance and ask them to deploy more infrastructure to support water delivery systems for your health and safety.




We will be running a joint, all weekend long, training to bring many departments together to learn how to effectively setup, transport and sustain large water operations for the large hydrant-less areas we cover.

Schedule of Events – Jefferson-Monroe IA RWSOS Flyer2018 v2

  • 21st – 0800-1630 – Topics
    • Fire Flow Needs
    • Drafting
    • Dump Site Ops
    • Fill Site Ops
    • Tanker Ops
    • Practical Exercises
  • 22nd – 0800 – ??
    • 2 Hr ISO Tanker Shuttle 500GPM or 1000GPM constant flow



At Jefferson Monroe Fire department we are made of a wide variety of people and backgrounds.

Cera is one of our first responders who recently completed her National Firefighter I Certification and holds an EMT – P certification. There is little she can’t do in an emergency situation. She is a long term Swisher, Iowan who has traveled the nation and world protecting our freedoms. As a mother of two and #3 on the way Cera and her husband have found a calling in the community they feel rooted in.

Cera Wilkins
Member 2017 – 1 year

See Interview below to learn more about Cera.

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